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This is the English translation. The Swedish original be be accessed here.

A nicer formatted PDF version of this text can be accessed here. I recommend reading that version.

This piece of fan fiction is based on John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel Låt den rätte komma in. Features that have been fetched from the novel are his work; however, he is in no way to be held responsible for the work below.

Set Me as a Seal upon Your Heart Part 3

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Chapter 4: The Teacher Appears

The Hobby

With boxes unpacked and the attic of their new home secure, Mr. Ávila asks Oskar and Eli to join him at the dining room table. "Kids, you've done a bang-up job getting the attic the way we want it."

They smile and Eli wiggles.

"It's clean, the window covering is lightproof, and you can bolt the door from inside. Now the next step. Are you ready to take up a hobby?"

"Sure," Oskar says.

Memories fade

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I looked at myself in the mirror and see what. See myself getting old, see myself young, no instead all there is is is a broken glass spread over the floor. Sometimes I step into these pieces of shards. My feet bleed, it is sometimes the only way for me to know that I exist. I pick one of the shards and see myself in it, but I don't see what I like. Sometimes as I looked at the shard I can begin to remember, to remember those forgotten memories who have faded long ago.....

Pieces of papers

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I don't know why
I don't know
I keep these
These three pieces
Of papers

They are your lies
Quotes from
Favorite play

"Do you want to see me tonight?"
A faded YES written by me.
You have replace me?
Haven't you?

You must have found someone else
Someone else to play with you
Someone to be
Someone who you will replace
I don't know why I think of you

You have forgotten me
I don't know
Why I keep this three torn papers
Why do I think of you
Whe you have already replace


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Why don't you wake up? Why don't you see that I will make you suffer! You will see me in your nightmares....

Fear Part Two

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His mom came home smiling.

"Guess who is coming!"

"I don't know."

Just talking was tiring for Tommy. He was really turning into an old man.

Then someone knocked at the door.

Then that fear returned.

Once he saw it was Oskar, he could not help screaming:

"No, no leave me alone! He came back, only to take me with that kid!"

That kid, that kid wanted to suck his blood!

He was sobbing, sobbing, Ivonne held him. Oskar was horrified. Tommy, Tommy was damaged and all thanks to him....
All he could hear was Tommy saying:
"Is he gone, is he gone....."

Fear Part1

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There is no one there. There is no one there.
Tommy kept repeating that in his mind. Over and over. It was no use. He had to live on the light on in his room. After that day he slept with the lights on.
He was suspicious of everyone, he did not hang out with Lasse or Robban. The only person he trusted was his mom.
The two people he fear the most those two:

Oskar and that other kid.

The Same

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Erik. Should he feel guilty, indifferent, relieved?
His son was back. Yes he had a son. His name was Oskar. Is not like Erik did not care about his son, it was he just was not ready to be a father.
He had his own life once Oskar was gone. He went fishing with his buddies, Janne came over to drink with him and listen to his favorite songs, and think about the good old days.

The Return

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"Are you?"

"I am very happy."

What's wrong she wanted to ask. But she could not. Her son was back. After four years. A few days ago he had shown up at the apartment.
When she opened the door, to her Oskar was still her little sweetheart. To her when she saw him, he was that twelve year old son who had vanish one day. Now he had return home.

He was changed. She didn't pressure him. He wouldn't say were he had been. The police wanted to know. Especially that detective. She wanted to know. Officer Karin. But Oskar would not say.
"I don't know. Everything was a blur."

After everything

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I left.

What do you want me to do?

I can't go back. I can't. I can't die.

I am not twelve.

I am tired of puzzles, cuddles, hugs, darkness, reading Romeo and Juliet for the hundred time.

Is no fun, hiding the key, pretending that I care about you, that you won't comeback at night.

I can't go out, but you can, not during the day, not during the night.

They might discover you, they might take you away.