Chapter 1

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The bodies of Jimmy and Conny were laid out in front of him; pools of blood surrounding each of their bodies. Their lifeless eyes fixated on his as though they were judging him. A moment later, a delicate hand found its way into his and squeezed gently. Oskar nervously turned his head expecting to see his beautiful Eli smiling back at him, but instead all he saw was a monster. A horrific creature made of fangs and scarred flesh that barely resembled the girl he had fallen in love with.

Set Me as a Seal upon Your Heart Part 2

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Chapter 2: On Edge

The Hideout

Oskar and Eli leave the courtyard and move across the irregular terrain of the nature preserve. As they move through the dark forest, they tune their eyes and ears for other presences. The few words they speak are so hushed that only they can hear them.

Chapter Five

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"No, no!"

"It's me Tomas."

"The Blood! Don't you see the blood!!"

"Micke don't you recognize me?"

"The Face! Let her in!"

That's how it went all the time when Tomas went to visit Micke at the clinic. Micke was lost. Then the two nurses would come and sedate him. This was probably the last time Tomas would ask his mom to bring him.
It was time to put the past behind him.

Chapter 4

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November 13, 1983

The attacks came less frequent and Micke could control them. Still every where he went he felt that someone was watching him. That someone was after him. Sometimes he dream that he was running from that girl, she would laugh at him. Micke would try to get away but the girl would grab him and break his body. He could feel how his bones were been crushed. She kept screaming at him:
"Say I can come in!"
Then pieces of shards would fall into his eyes. He could not escape her.