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Fear Part1

There is no one there. There is no one there.
Tommy kept repeating that in his mind. Over and over. It was no use. He had to live on the light on in his room. After that day he slept with the lights on.
He was suspicious of everyone, he did not hang out with Lasse or Robban. The only person he trusted was his mom.
The two people he fear the most those two:

Oskar and that other kid.

The Same

Erik. Should he feel guilty, indifferent, relieved?
His son was back. Yes he had a son. His name was Oskar. Is not like Erik did not care about his son, it was he just was not ready to be a father.
He had his own life once Oskar was gone. He went fishing with his buddies, Janne came over to drink with him and listen to his favorite songs, and think about the good old days.

The Return

"Are you?"

"I am very happy."

What's wrong she wanted to ask. But she could not. Her son was back. After four years. A few days ago he had shown up at the apartment.
When she opened the door, to her Oskar was still her little sweetheart. To her when she saw him, he was that twelve year old son who had vanish one day. Now he had return home.

He was changed. She didn't pressure him. He wouldn't say were he had been. The police wanted to know. Especially that detective. She wanted to know. Officer Karin. But Oskar would not say.
"I don't know. Everything was a blur."

After everything


I left.

What do you want me to do?

I can't go back. I can't. I can't die.

I am not twelve.

I am tired of puzzles, cuddles, hugs, darkness, reading Romeo and Juliet for the hundred time.

Is no fun, hiding the key, pretending that I care about you, that you won't comeback at night.

I can't go out, but you can, not during the day, not during the night.

They might discover you, they might take you away.


What happens when there is only revenge left?

Let The Right One In Halloween FF stories

A set of LTROI ff stories set in Halloween.


All there was left was memories......


What happens when there is nothing but darkness and nightmares....

Chapter 1

The bodies of Jimmy and Conny were laid out in front of him; pools of blood surrounding each of their bodies. Their lifeless eyes fixated on his as though they were judging him. A moment later, a delicate hand found its way into his and squeezed gently. Oskar nervously turned his head expecting to see his beautiful Eli smiling back at him, but instead all he saw was a monster. A horrific creature made of fangs and scarred flesh that barely resembled the girl he had fallen in love with.

The Rage Left Behind

Summary: It's been two years since the incident at the pool. Ghosts from the past are about to threaten Oskar and Eli.

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