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Set Me as a Seal upon Your Heart Part 2


Vällingby – The Hideout

Oskar and Eli leave the courtyard and move across the irregular terrain of the Grimstaskogen nature preserve. As they move through the dark forest, they tune their eyes and ears for other presences. The few words they speak are so hushed that only they can hear them.

Set Me as a Seal upon Your Heart Part 1



Minutes away from sunrise, pale, 12-year-old Oskar lies beside his young companion. He waits for Eli's breathing to become light and regular. When her gentle purr confirms that she’s asleep, Oskar rises from the pallet they share and moves carefully to his backpack.

Chapter Five


"No, no!"

"It's me Tomas."

"The Blood! Don't you see the blood!!"

"Micke don't you recognize me?"

"The Face! Let her in!"

That's how it went all the time when Tomas went to visit Micke at the clinic. Micke was lost. Then the two nurses would come and sedate him. This was probably the last time Tomas would ask his mom to bring him.
It was time to put the past behind him.

Chapter 4

November 13, 1983

The attacks came less frequent and Micke could control them. Still every where he went he felt that someone was watching him. That someone was after him. Sometimes he dream that he was running from that girl, she would laugh at him. Micke would try to get away but the girl would grab him and break his body. He could feel how his bones were been crushed. She kept screaming at him:
"Say I can come in!"
Then pieces of shards would fall into his eyes. He could not escape her.

Chapter 3

November 13, 1983 4:00 p.m.

"The whole world is mine."

Staffan kept repeating to himself as he fix his tie. Sure things with Ivonne had not worked out. She was still worry about that brat Tommy. When she should have been thanking him for saving her son. He had suggested putting Tommy in a clinic to solve the problem. But she went all hysterical.
"You never cared about my son!"

Chapter 2

November 13, 1983

Does time matter? Will looking at the clock changed? Changed what? To her life came to a stop. To an abysm that went on to another abysm.
She had had hope for a while, but then that had died one day. Hope for her son to return, for things to be the same.
For her son to show up, for him to be at his room. Watching The Muppets on t.v. like they used to do.
But now the apartment was empty,
Again, again, again, many, many, many times opening the door to the apartment expecting to hear her son's voice. Silence is what she heard.

How things Are

Chapter 1
November 13, 1983 2:00 a.m.

This case had been one of the hardest things he had been involved in. He remember back when he had to deliver the news. It was always him, ready to say the bad news, ready to make people cry when he spoke. When he would utter that word. "Missing." Except in this case that word had not work.
How would he explain to her now? Every day she went to the station and ask for him. If there were any traces of her son?
How was he to tell her that the investigation was closed. How would he begin?

Part One: Normal

There was only me
But now there are two
But which side will I show
To them?

So I am evil
What does that make them?

Things are the same
Haven't they always been....


The town is the same. No history, old buildings whose foundations are rotting. For a while there was commotion. Talks of the Ritual Killer, vampires, wolves, and ghosts. Kids were terrorize so the local school was closed for a few days. The kids said that they were afraid of going to the school. Afraid that they would be shredder to pieces by the Angel of death. Many of the kids that were there that night when the massacre took place swore that they would never go inside that pool.

Dark Sunrise

Living the light
Can't stand the light
Can't live in it no more
Don't you see?
It's better to live
In Darkness
From "Living in Darkness," Page 12-13.

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