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What are you doing? To get blood.

Eli shows Oskar his/her teeth.

Seven Nights

This was the list for their seven nights of fun:

Play baseball

Play marbles

Play hide and seek





The Fangs

LTROI set during Halloween.

One encounter

July 8, 1992

It's hard starting a new school, but I have to. More harder is going to a new country, more harder still is living in a new place, more harder still is though feeling alone, always feeling alone, because that's how I always felt....

July 14, 1992



What if I had not said those words? What if I had not scream:
"You can come in!"
All I wanted was for things to end. I didn't even know what they were planning. So I am innocent. I didn't know, I didn't know.


I didn't mean it. It was all just for fun. If I had known what they were going to do, I would have said something. Things would be different. Maybe the three of them would still be alive.

The Others


The pool

The swimming pool, the water inside is tranquil. The kids are not inside the pool. The pool is clean, ready for when the school days open....
The white tiles are all shinning. The broken glass has been replaced. The locker rooms are empty, the showers are all clean. The sun shines on the building, the light comes from the ceiling, hitting the water. How bright it is!


From WTI Facebook.

LAte night conversation

One of the funnier parts of the Novel when Eli visits Oskar at night and they make jokes about the 'Lover'

I'm with human

The Shadow Almost Seen

The guys were sitting at a table in the local tavern, glugging down beer, swapping raunchy jokes and telling tall tales. They were having a grand old time, and deserved it. Their worn and torn jackets and boots testified eloquently to how rough a business war can be; these guys were soldiers.

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