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LAte night conversation

One of the funnier parts of the Novel when Eli visits Oskar at night and they make jokes about the 'Lover'

I'm with human

The Shadow Almost Seen

The guys were sitting at a table in the local tavern, glugging down beer, swapping raunchy jokes and telling tall tales. They were having a grand old time, and deserved it. Their worn and torn jackets and boots testified eloquently to how rough a business war can be; these guys were soldiers.

A Shadow Rises


Orson was sitting under a lamp reading a novel when he heard it. Well, he felt it before he heard it, felt it as a faint rumbling between his butt cheeks and under his elbow through the chair's thick padding, and he wondered if a truck might be passing by, or maybe there was an earthquake. A few seconds later, when he started hearing it, he dismissed the truck, threw the novel onto the floor and rose to his feet, thinking he should get down to the basement before the earthquake had a chance to bury her for real.

When I Am With You

This story has been a way for me to spend quality time with Eli as her friendship with Oskar unfolds. I hope it brings you the happiness it brought me.

Chapter 63b: After the dream (or Tomorrow, Today will be Yesterday)

Oskar rolled over, felt Eli next to him and snuggled up against her back. Are you awake?


What are we going to do to find him, Eli? Should we try the cave again? Oskar was suddenly confused. He had no recollection of yesterday at all, he suddenly realized. The last thing he remembered was stepping up on the porch and running for the kitchen, full of the news of their incredible discovery.

“Find who, Oskar?” Eli sat up on the edge of the bed and stretched.

“The Leprechaun, of course! Or fairy! Or whatever he was.”

The end

Oskar soon unwillingly partisipating in Jimmy's "game".

4. The book of Peter Pan

There was a house in Luleå, it was small, red. Pretty straight forward, nothing special with this house. Nor was the people inside. The only reason the snowflakes even bothered to go there was because they had heard a few rumours. The winged children used to be there, and the snowlakes wanted to see if it was true.

Chapter 4 A Day in the Sun


Chapter 4 A Day in the Sun

"If the sun touches me for a moment but no longer, I burn but I can heal," Abby explained. "Anything longer than that and I will probably die. Do you understand?"

"Of course, Miss Abby," Edward assured her. "Every precaution has been taken. This is the innermost parlor at Kimball House. The nearest windows are three rooms over, but they are north facing and so do not admit sunlight. Plus all first-floor drapes are to remain closed throughout the day. My father and I will labor from sunrise to sundown, ensuring your safety."

Chapter 63A: After the dream (or Who’s on First?)

Year: 2019; Date: May 13.

“It’s like getting blood out of a stump,” Jason groused.

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