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Yet another small detour addition to Lee Kyle's fan fic novel "Let Me In 2." This one - coalesce - occurs starting near the end of LMI2's "Chapter 8: Cherokee."

I'll post it here in parts and then submit it when I get to chapter boundaries. Any comments/critique/edits are welcome!

And thanks to Lee Kyle for allowing me to post this, a fan fic based on his.

Chapter 62: Midnight Flight of Fancy

They carefully eased the kitchen door closed behind them, tiptoed down the steps and moved quietly across the lawn toward the pool. Oskar hesitated a moment, glanced back at Hannah’s porch steps, and despite his attempts to stop it, relived that moment when Adrian had tried his best to take Hannah from them forever. He had seen it himself through her eyes, despite her attempts to keep it from him and, at inopportune moments, it replayed itself without warning.

Chapter 61: Reconciliation

Richard and Elaine looked up when they heard the kitchen door open.

“Mr. Dawson? Can I talk to you?”

Elaine immediately got up and headed up the stairs. “You’re on your own, Rich. I have some…housecleaning to do and laundry to fold. She winked at Hannah.

Hannah smiled gratefully, then sat down at the table, across from Dr. Dawson. “Has Mrs. Dawson talked to you? I mean, about Jack? And me?”

“Yes, she has, Hannah. And I can certainly see why you’re so uncomfortable.”

“Eli’s sure I should let this happen, Mr. Dawson, but I think it’s … not right.”

Chapter 60: Sava's Secret

Sava sighed. “You know how it works, Eli. What exactly would you like to know? Whether or not it hurt? If I was frightened? ”

She ignored the crooked grin on his face. “Did you want to die …after?” she whispered.

Realizing at once she was quite serious about this, he put his arm around her. “It’s complicated, Angel. My life was nothing like yours. You were an innocent child. I…wasn’t. “


“No. I didn’t want to die. Actually I gave it no thought whatsoever. I had unfinished business to take care of.”

Chapter 59: Hannah’s Secret.

“What did you say to Papa, Hannah? You’ve made him cry.” Eli plopped down beside them. She couldn’t help but notice that Hannah’s eyes were red, too.

“And Hannah’s doppelgänger just had to put in her two-cent’s worth,” Papa said, smiling. “How are you this morning, Eli?”

“I…I don’t know, Papa. I’m not sure I want to…talk about it right now.”

Chapter 3 After

Things were good in third grade, I had no worries, no one that liked me, I was still shy and only answer a few questions here and there. Talk a few times and made some sort of friends. It wasn't easy though especially when it came to the field trips. There sacrifices were made, I was chosen last because when it came to being on the school bus, riding to the museum for an hour or two hours, certainly you want someone to talk too. Not someone like who stays quiet all the ride, who if you speak too, will mumble some words, who in order not to talk will instead get out a book and read away.

Chapter 2 Before

In second grade, it was all easy. A crush was only a crush. Nothing serious, I was happy keeping my crush silent. That's the difference a crush lasts for a few days, it leaves with the person you keep looking at. And when you fall in love, well that's when things get complicated. That person invades your thoughts, dreams, even in visions they are present. Well in second grade what I felt was a crush. His name was Jim. Of course I found a reason, he was my reason for going to school, my reason to smile. I was happy. I had a smile in my face.

Chapter 1 Not a clue

How can things be difficult? How do you know when someone likes you? Certainly not me. I had no idea when it happened. Suddenly I found myself thinking about you, everyday, every time my thoughts kept spinning to you. But what was I suppose to know.


"I... she... not...hear me."
I was gasping for air, she ran too fast.
I gulped in some water from the water fountain at the park.

Chapter 58: Eli’s Secret

Hannah held her breath when she realized that, after killing the poor hunter, Elias had made the decision to kill himself. And all these memories were ones Eli had elected to bury in the darkness. But why? It seemed noble to her somehow that Elias had enough strength to even consider it. She read him as he slowly built his resolve and waited in the cave until the Sun was at its zenith.

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