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The Card

Oskar and Eli meet a new friend.

Chapter 57: Eli's Favorite Color

“Hannah? Are you ready?” Eli stood on the edge of the porch next to Oskar, wings unfurled.

“I…think so, Eli. Do you really think this will work?” Hannah tightened her arms around Eli’s neck and wrapped her legs around her waist.

“Of course it will! You’ll see. Oskar? Are you ready?”



Sava smiled at her and leaned back in his chair.


“Ready, Eli! Good luck, Hannah!” He hoped Hannah hadn’t noticed how nervous he was.

3. Hidden in the snow

The children had been flying for a little while. Dancing in the air, laughing like children do. They had landed a bit away from most of the city buildings. But it wasn't that big, it was Boden. They hadn't seen much of it though, their lost souls were doomed to live in the shadows. Always on the run, for the newly infected blond-haird boy it was unusual. But still very bearable, with his beloved pal around. It was just like a game.

Chapter 56: Eli’s Karma

In spite of the fact that everyone was glad to see her home safe, Eli could tell there were many unanswered questions that they pointedly avoided asking. And it was just as well; she didn’t have any adequate answers for them. Only Sava had given her any indication that he understood, but still he was angry with her, and rightly so. She had indeed been selfish on some level. But did being unselfish mean that she owed herself to them? That she should continue to live among them, knowing that eventually many of them would die because of her?

Chapter 3

The day should be for activity, to walk to school and see your shadow following, knowing that your shadow is your companionship even if you have no friends...
For going to eat, to some restaurant that you have want to try for a long time, that is by your way to work, and today you have decided that you will go today no matter what! The day is shiny, the sky is blue, your skin absorbs the sun's rays, you feel the warmth, the freshness, and that even though this is just a dream, but when you wake up you can still go!

Chapter 55: Sava’s Promise

Oskar leaned forward and sniffed the air. He was sure of it now; she had drunk blood. He could smell it on her breath, and realized there were remnants not only on her mouth, but in her hair, on her chest, and on her arms and hands. He wondered how long it had been since she had…fed, and whether or not feeding on blood would make her stronger than him. It wasn’t a pleasant thought.

And yet, still he waited. None of it mattered to him at this point. All that mattered was getting her back safely home – and to him.

Part 5 Lost diary entries

So as Eli and Oskar wonder what it had been like to have met me if I had met them in Blackeberg, this was my time to escape from this duel! I would hide from them and then since they never were able to find me! Then I could just relax in the storage room! I tiptoed away as they kept talking away!
"No, that could not happen!"
"We would have gone insane!"
"No, it just hurts my head to think about it Oskar.."
"Yes Eli if Lucy if we had, it just scares me!"
And on and on they sure were excited to talk about me! So I left them enjoying their talk.

Chapter 54: Descent into Darkness.

Oskar stood there motionless, arms at his sides, unable to fully grasp what he had just seen. Hannah, sobbing quietly to herself, took Oskar’s hand in hers and squeezed it tightly. They watched Sava fly rapidly back and forth across the bay no more than three feet above the water, frantically searching for any sign of life… or death.

Chapter 2

But then something strange happens the next night. I was standing by the jungle gym, it was late in the night, I thought I would come up, and just stand up in the jungle gym, make this my space, my domain, and then he appear, that boy. I saw him in the dark, by the tree, he was standing there, stabbing the tree, repeating the same phrase, over and over...
"Squeal like a pig!"

Chapter 1

This hunger is unbearable. My stomach aches, that other heart, not my heart, that other being keeps at bay, it wants to feed, but I don't want to. I want to hold on. If that useless man who I found cannot come with what I want, then I will have to do it on my own. I hated that, to do that, and he knows that, so Hakan you better pull through, you better not screw up, like you did in Vaxjo.

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