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Han namgav en stjärna efter henne.

I did this illustration last weekend and am not too impressed with it. I think I rushed it, plus I relied too heavily on the new drawing tablet I bought.

Almost there Oskar!

This is one of the Illustrations that I am doing to accompany the Fanfiction I am writing.

Eli about to bleed...

I like this one and couldn't bring myself to mess it up with blood, but I am working on one with blood, and another with teeth. Enjoy and share freely.

Eli and Oskar - 1st attempt

Here is the first portrait-style sketch of Eli and Oskar. Enjoy and distribute freely.

Without the dark, there would be no light.

Here is the latest of my sketchings. Enjoy and distribute freely!

Eli Uninvited

Oil on canvas.

Quick Bright Things

Quick Bright Things
by Kírk Barrett

TestUser's Test Book

Swedish Release Film Poster

Film poster for the Swedish release

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