Leaning by playing with google translate

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Leaning by playing with google translate

Post by gkmoberg1 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:57 am

There are several good language translators. My son and I were playing with google's this evening (https://translate.google.com/). We typed in the sentences below and then had it translate the bunch to Latin, then Spanish, then French, then German and then Swedish. As you see, we stuck with first person singular for all this. And we stuck with declarative statements. We limited the list, knowing there were more. For example, there are more ways to passively state something - we skipped those. And there are many more forms of combining model verbs with the different tenses ("I would have had to eat fruit" - and so on.). We had to stop somewhere , so we kept it at what you see here. Even so, it was fascinating to see how google composed these into each language. For most we presumed it was correct but did not check. Later, we added lines for "do" and "did" (included below), which are necessary in order to add a negation in English. (You cannot say "I eat not fruit." without being looked at strangely. You have to add "do" or "did". ex: "I do not eat fruit.") And we added lines for English's present tense continuous and past tense continuous - again out of curiosity to see what would happen.

I eat fruit.
I do eat fruit.
I do not eat fruit.
I am eating fruit.
I am not eating fruit.

I ate fruit.
I did eat fruit.
I did not eat fruit.
I was eating fruit.
I was not eating fruit.

I have eaten fruit.
I had eaten fruit.

I will eat fruit.
I will have eaten fruit.

Fruit is eaten.
Fruit was eaten.
Fruit had been eaten.
Fruit will be eaten.

I would eat fruit.
I should eat fruit.
I shall eat fruit.
I can eat fruit.
I could eat fruit.
I might eat fruit.
I may eat fruit.
I must eat fruit.

[want-/am-/were-/have|had- to]
I want to eat fruit.
I am to eat fruit.
I were to eat fruit.
I have to eat fruit.
I had to eat fruit.

I would have to eat fruit.

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