Please Read Before Posting in the Guestbook

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Please Read Before Posting in the Guestbook

Post by Wolfchild » Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:53 am

I thought it would be nice if there were one place where people could leave messages for the artists involved in the various versions of this wonderful story, so I created this guest book section. Also, in the off chance any of these creative people happen to visit this forum, they can read in one place all of the messages left them by forum users.

  1. There will be one thread for each personage. You may write one message per thread. You may edit that message as often as you wish, but you may leave only one message per thread.
  2. All of the rules for posting elsewhere in the forum still apply here.
  3. Please do not ask the artist for anything other than to accept your message as an honest expression of your sentiments. Among other things, this means that you may not solicit personal contact. No asking for phone numbers, emails, text messages, PMs, Facebook friending or any other sort of personal contact. This is one way communication from you to the artist.
  4. Criticism is allowed, but abuse is not. If you don't know the difference, play it safe. Trust me - you don't want us to teach you the difference.
Please send a PM if you want a guest book thread added for another person.


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