When Let The Right One In saw it's DVD release in America, people began to notice that the English subtitles were different from those in the theatrical release of the film. This change in subtitles was covered extensively in an article at the Icons of Fright website. An Icons of Fright reader had an email exchange with Magnolia Pictures (the distribution company that handled the American DVD release) and he received the following response:

Yes the bloggers are having a field day on this one. Normally they like to pick on the English Dub tracks, but in this case it's the subtitles. Obviously online tend to get rowdy and bandwagon mentality without knowing all the details. The current subtitle track is not altering the context of the film at all, in fact it's a more literal translation than any prior version of subtitles. It's not a defective or faulty subtitle file. Just more literal and larger in size for the small screen. Both English and Spanish subtitle files were produced for this dvd release. Frankly it's not all that uncommon to have the subs vary from prior releases, typically go unnoticed as subs are purely a translation of film dialogue. This wouldn't have been a blip had it not been for one particular horror blog doing a side by side and claiming that they are wrong. They are not. We are not doing a recall or anything of that nature, again, these are not defective. Title came out two weeks ago and general public don't notice and don't care - bloggers are well known for jumping on something, making an issue of it and moving on. We have decided that based on the feedback that we will be making a running change, so that going forward (once inventories deplete), we will be making that subtitle version available. Options in set up will be; English Subtitles / English (theatrical) Subtitles / Spanish Subtitles

Having viewed the movie with both the Magnolia subtitles and with the original theatrical release subtitles, I'm not sure that I agree with Magnolia's contention that it does not "alter the context[sic] of the film". However, I'll let you judge for yourself.

I can atest that Magnolia have been true to their word: I myself have found their re-released DVD with the theatrical English subtitles. The only way to tell the the re-release from the original is to look at the lower left corner of the back of the DVD case. In the section about subtitles the re-released DVD will say "(Theatrical)":

The following are the two subtitle tracks side by side. I have added some annotations highlighting the differences that I think are the most significant, or more importantly that alter the viewer's understanding of the film: