Set Me As a Seal upon Your Heart Part 8

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Chapter 14: A Cool Yule

Copenhagen Christmas

The excited group disembarks in Copenhagen from the fast ferry—Professor Grigor, Sassa, Mr. Ávila, Connor, and the pale 12-year-olds, Oskar and Eli.

"Kids," Professor Grigor says, "how would it be if you shop or enjoy the rides at the amusement park until I get back? Shall we all meet at the carousel in one hour? Plenty of time to start shooting pictures then."

Dreams Made Flesh (Part One)

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Set nearly four years after Let The Old Dreams Die the narrator receives news that his old friend Karen is back from Barcelona. The narrator soon finds himself drawn into an incredible story of what happened to both Karin and Stefan and how the 'new dreams' became a reality, became flesh.

The following story is a work of fan-fiction and its author claims no copyright of its characters and acknowledges John Ajvide Lindqvist as the original owner.

Dreams Made Flesh

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Set nearly four years after Let The Old Dreams Die the narrator receives an unexpected phone call from Karin. Although saddened to hear the loss of Stefan he is thrilled to learn She is back in Östernäs.
After he is invited to visit the old cottage he soon learns what happened in Barcelona all those years ago and why she has returned.

Set Me as a Seal upon Your Heart Part 6

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Chapter 10: A Professor in Love


With the theater shut down for the holidays, the Limhamn Players go their separate ways to spend time with their families and to prepare for the Christmas festivities, the highlight of Malmö's year.

Oskar and Eli are asleep in each other's arms on their pallet in the attic while Mr. Ávila and Professor Grigor enjoy their morning coffee at the dining room table.

Set Me As a Seal upon Your Heart Part 5

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Chapter 8: Hiding in Plain Sight


Oskar and Eli fall into a routine at the little theater. Although their roles as fairies in the play have few entrances and even fewer lines, they are delighted to be useful in other ways. Of course they print 8x10s for everyone, and they sweep and tidy up as needed. They also run out for coffee and sandwiches for the troupe, where they meet nearby shopkeepers.

Set Me as a Seal upon Your Heart Part 4

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Chapter 6: A Normal Life

The Storm

Mr. Ávila pads into the kitchen in his pajamas and slippers. He starts coffee and turns on the radio. The weather forecast is for rain and high winds in the afternoon, followed by strong thunderstorms in the evening. While the coffee brews, he goes into the big front room and stands looking at the dark clouds over the Öresund, the strait between Malmö and Copenhagen.

Endless Part 1. Toy's gone

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Oskar was still under water. Below the surface he no longer called home. It had become something else. The water blocked his hearing, but now it was completely silent. His lungs were now almost filled with water, and he didn’t want to resist anymore. He had no more energy left. If he had opened his eyes he would see a blue tiled wall, surrendered with water making it twist unevenly. But his eyes were closed. He had thought about going somewhere. Not home, further. Much further. But now he did not think anymore.