I'm like you

Submitted by metoo on Sat, 02/06/2021 - 17:04

This is the English translation. The Swedish original be be accessed here.

This piece of fan fiction is based on John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel Låt den rätte komma in. Features that have been fetched from the novel are his work; however, he is in no way to be held responsible for the work below.

The urge to feed waned. Oskar raised himself up until he was straddling the young man, then confusedly looked around. He discovered Eli sitting next to him, turned to him and burst out the first thought that came to his mind:
»It tasted so good!«

Eli watched Oskar inquiringly, without saying anything. After a long while he sighed heavily, said:

Then he took Oskar's shoulders in a firm grip, looked him deep into his eyes and said:
»Don’t let it win over you. Do you hear? You must not let it win!«

Oskar felt ashamed, had not meant it that way. He understood what Eli meant, realised the danger, but did not know how to say so. Eli's grip hardened and he shook Oskar, as if he wanted to emphasise the importance of what he said. Oskar did not resist, let Eli shake him, went back and forth limp like a rag doll. Then Eli stopped abruptly, pulled instead Oskar to him and hugged him hard. Oskar squeezed back, just as hard, and finally figured out how to say what he meant:
»Don’t worry. I'm like you. Will always be.«