Killing Jonny

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This is the English translation. The Swedish original be be accessed here.

This piece of fan fiction is based on John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel Låt den rätte komma in. Features that have been fetched from the novel are his work; however, he is in no way to be held responsible for the work below.

Jonny. He was thinking about Jonny again. He wanted to forget him, but couldn't. He could feel that he was getting angry at the thought, wanted to ... maim. It made no difference that Jonny was dead. He couldn't get rid of his anger. Fucking Jonny. Fucking, fucking Jonny!

He was awakened from his thoughts by Eli's voice.
»Oskar, what’s wrong?«

Oskar realised that he was tense. His heart was beating faster than usual and he was clenching his jaws so hard it almost hurt. He made an effort to
smooth out his angry face, forced himself to relax. Then he replied:
Eli moved closer, sat down in front of Oskar. “No, Oskar. Something’s wrong, I can see that. Tell me!"
Eli's head was like a shadow in front of Oskar, but in the middle of that shadow Eli’s eyes was reflecting the dim light.
Oskar hesitated, then he muttered: »Jonny.«
»Yes? What about him?«
»He is dead.«
Eli looked inquiringly at Oskar.
Oskar exclaimed: »Still he remains!« Oskar pointed at his head. »In here.«
Eli nodded thoughtfully. »You're mad at him, aren’t you? Still?«
»… yes.«
»The first time we met, when you were jabbing that tree with your knife…«
»Was it him, then too? That you were jabbing?«
Oskar mumbled faintly: «Yes«.
Eli said no more, just sat quietly gazing at Oskar. Oskar turned down his eyes, feeling ashamed. When he looked up again after a while, Eli was still watching him intensely.
Suddenly Eli asked:
»Oskar, would you want to do it yourself?«
»Do … what?«
»Kill Jonny.«
»… he’s already dead.«
»Yes, but it would be the same thing for you.«
Would be the same? At first Oskar didn’t understand, then he got what Eli meant. Maybe it would work. He wanted to do it, and he didn’t.
The former won for a moment and he nodded: Yes.

Eli's face came closer. Oskar held his breath, saw the reflection in Eli's eyes, and then ... he was flying.
Later. Oskar had returned, Eli was sitting in front of him again. He felt his anger evaporating, to be replaced by sadness.

Jonny had been so scared, so … pathetic and small. Poor him.