Anyone Read Italian?

For discussion of John Ajvide Lindqvist's novel Himmelstrand
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Anyone Read Italian?

Post by a_contemplative_life » Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:35 pm

In arrivo il nuovo romanzo di John Ajvide Lindqvist ... qvist.html

I think we are suffering a bit with Google translate, not to mention weird title translations, but here goes...
It will be available in bookstores from next July 2 Music From Paradise Beach, :?: :shock: the new novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist, published by Marsilio. One morning a group of guests at a camp not far from Stockholm awakens in the middle of nowhere: everything disappeared, the space is occupied only by a lawn and a sunless sky. No touch with reality, apart from the signal of a radio station that transmits the pieces of Peter Himmelstrand. Alone, in the middle of a nothing that triggers the instincts more violent, the unfortunate members of the group will meet to deal with the ghosts of the past.

"Subverting the classic schemes of the dosed chamber of the literature of terror, not Lindqvist traps his characters in a cramped space and no way out, but drops them in a boundless and without obstacles, from which it is impossible to escape. Because there is elsewhere than the abyss of consciousness as threatening " we read on the site of GialloSvezia.

John Ajvide Undqvist was born in '68 in Sweden. For years he did the magician, arid worked for the theater and television. His first novel was Let Me Enter (Lat den Ratte Komma In), bestseller at home and translated into twelve languages: Tomas Alfredson (the director of The Mole) has drawn a namesake film. In 2011, it was made a remake directed by Matt Reeves. The second novel Linqvist was The Summer of the Living Dead (Hanteringen av ododa), followed by The Port of Spirits (Manniskohamn) and A Small Star (Lilla Stjarna).

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